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Power People.
Talent Acquisition - for a Greener Future.
Industrial Engineer

" Distinguished from others in similar positions by being genuinely passionate, caring and professional. Able to understand your needs and what you are looking for in your next career move. A detailed understanding of the market and can provide advice at every step of the way throughout the recruitment process. "

- Candidate feedback 

How it Started

Your  Green Talent
Acquisition Partners.

Power People ANZ, a sister company of Virtue Talent Pty Ltd, was established in July 2020 with a vision to change the perception of the recruitment landscape. In an unregulated industry where morals and standards of behaviour are not always positive for the customer (client) and the candidate (individual talent). We offer a unique range of enhanced services different from traditional recruitment agencies. 

Our business model is much more flexible and tailored to each business needs as a small boutique. We offer genuinely reciprocal partnerships that ooze quality and value-adds. We don't work to KPI's, targets, commissions or bonuses. 

Because of this, we can afford the time to produce quality, thoughtful, strategic, and methodical approaches to Talent Acquisition for both employers and career seekers.

Talent Acquisition Partners
About the event
Building Capability

Achieveing Net-Zero

Leveraging from our 20+ years of external and internal experience in talent acquisition and Executive search to multifaceted engineering & construction projects globally. 

We specialise in four core sectors.

  • Renewable Energy Generation - including Solar PV and CSP, Battery, Offshore and Onshore Wind, Tidal and Hydro Power and BioEnergy.

  • Energy Procurement - Core areas include Supply Chain, Materials, Assurance, Risk, and Commercial Management. 

  • Energy Storage & Demand Side Response - We connect specialist talent to opportunities throughout the Full Project Lifecycle from Project Management to O&M.

  • Electro Mobility - We help support Automotive Manufactures, Leading Developers, Charging Infrastructure and Connected Solutions Providers to find the talent to deliver innovations.

We believe in a simple philosophy: talent is crucial to success.

And no more so than in complex construction engineering ventures. Therefore, we can support you through the project lifecycle – from feasibility to delivery. Not just by job-filling but by taking a helicopter view and proactively capitalising on market analysis & intelligence, historical relationships & connections, and competitor employee movements. 


When innovation and productivity are a marker for your success, a high-performing team culture, specialised leaders, and a diverse and engaged workforce will enhance efficiency, safety, delivery and a high degree of competency.

We assist employers and talented individuals in making the right decision at the right time through extensive consultation whilst questioning the status quo. 

The team leading your project defines your outcome. 







                             Battery >                                                     Bioenergy >                                                 Geothermal >





                             Offshore Wind >                                          Onshore Wind >                                                   Solar >




                             Hydrogen >                                               Hydropower >                                             Electro Mobility >




Daniel Martin Virtue Talent
  • LinkedIn

Dan brings 14 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Headhunting Globally. He has worked as an independent consultant, agency recruiter, and in-house Resourcing Manager in a joint venture for three of Australia's tier-one contractors on Australia's biggest public transport project.


Dan has a broad resourcing technical knowledge which 'gets' engineering and its different disciplines from feasibility through delivery. He has resourced across multiple industries, including Renewable Energy, Transport, Building and more expansive complex integrated Infrastructure including Tunnels, Dams and HV Power.


Dan gets a real kick out of helping individuals progress their careers, presenting strategic opportunities not always advertised. In addition, he takes great satisfaction in delivering on his client's assignments.


Dan's mission is for all parties to have a win-win outcome whereby the client and candidate are happy, and our services are remembered and referred positively. In addition, he is passionate about adding value. 

Fen Virtue Talent
  • LinkedIn

Fen brings over 20 years of international experience in product management, supply chain, project management, accounting and resourcing. Degree and MBA qualified (UTS), Fen thrives on helping people find meaningful career opportunities. 


Fen is a great advocate for diversity and inclusion and gets a kick out of helping underrepresented groups find leadership opportunities within Engineering and Construction D&C projects nationally. 


Fen's mission is to assist more women in leadership opportunities within the construction industry. 

In her spare time, Fen advocates for charities and NFP's, including participating in Marathons and boxing. She is known in the community for her friendly happy to helpful approach.  

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